The ACCA Approved Employer programme has three streams:

1        Trainee Development. We are certified at this level. This level recognizes us for our existing in-house training and to simplify our ACCA trainee membership application process
2        Professional Development. We hope to reach this level in the shortest possible time. This level will support staff’s continuing professional development (CPD) for qualification as finance professionals.
3        Practising Certificate Development. This level will enable the Department to train ACCA staff for practising certificates

To summarize, this Programme provides a framework within which the ACCA will support to the Department’s trainees and members.

The Accountant General’s Department is now certified as an ACCA Approved Employer – Trainee Development, Silver Level.

This means that we are one of the 8,500 organizations worldwide that are ACCA Approved Employers. This programme recognises employers’ high standards of training, accountancy resources and development for ACCA members.

The ACCA Approved Employer status:
•        Provides formal recognition that our organization is committed to providing learning and development opportunities for finance and accounting staff. This will enhance our reputation as an employer.
•        Provides an accessible global standard enabling us to compare our learning and development support against a global benchmark.
•        Provides access to publications and resources addressing staff recruitment, retention and development.

Life Certificate Submission

The Accountant General’s Department wishes to remind all pensioners to submit their life certificates before the deadline per quarter. Life Certificates are due by January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31 of each year. Failure to do so at every quarter may lead to suspensions. You may request to receive a blank Life Certificate by email and it is vital that an email address/telephone numbers be provided to our Contact Centre. Pensioners are urged to call the Accountant General’s Department at:

Switchboard: 922-8320-7/ 922-7906
Toll Free: 1-888-991-3005
Live Chat @