The operations of the Accountant General’s Department  (AGD) was established and is bound by the Constitution of Jamaica, as well as over twenty-four (24) acts of Parliament.

The Constitution of Jamaica

The Accountant General is the custodian of the Consolidated Fund which was   established by Section 114 of the Constitution of Jamaica and Section 3 of the Financial Administration and Audit Act (FAA Act), and which is the principal instrument of Parliamentary control of public funds. 

Financial Administration and Audit (FAA) Act

The Accountant General, by virtue of Section 15 of the FAA Act, has responsibilities for the collection, safekeeping and proper disbursements of all sums due to and payable from the Consolidated Fund.

Crown Properties (Vesting) Act

The Accountant General is also the custodian of all Government properties (excluding lands) under the Crown Properties (Vesting) Act.

Pensions (Public Service) Act, 2017

Under the Pensions Act, an  officer having at least 10 years continuous service may retire from the service on one or more conditions described in the Act.

Appropriations  Act, 2017

This annual Bill provides authority for expenditure (other than statutory expenditure) for the financial year (FY) 2018/19 and specifies the manner in which the money is to be allocated to the various services and purposes of the Government.

Administrator-General’s Act

Where a civil servant dies whilst in the service or whilst in the process of retirement, the Ministry of Finance will issue an Award Letter for payment of gratuity or pension at the date of death. Where a Probated Will is in place, the Executor will be paid accordingly. Where no Will exists, the next of kin may apply through the Administrator General’s Department for Letters of Administration to claim the gratuity or pension.  This gratuity is based on years of service and the salary at time of death. The next of kin may include parents who were deemed to be dependent on the deceased, spouses and children.