Who are our AGD's Partners

With the modernizing of the Accountant General’s Department underway, one of our aims is to provide better public service by reducing costs; improving internal and external communications; improving efficiencies through automation and,  with the launching of the Centralized Treasury, consolidation and improvement in the management of cash on behalf of the Government

To that end, we develop and maintain key interfaces for specific deliverables with a number of partners. These are our main partners:

The Ministry of Finance and Planning

Parliament approves the Government’s expenditure and revenue estimates at the start of each financial year. They are organized by public service into what is termed Heads of Estimates, and reflect government’s development policies and priorities.  The Budget is prepared under the direction of the Financial Secretary.

The Budgets contain two accounts, the recurrent and capital accounts.  The recurrent account represents the cost of maintaining the permanent administrative structure of government.   The capital account is the cost of maintaining the national infrastructure, and implementing projects that enhance the country’s ability to pursue growth and development.

The Budget is the main pillar on which the centralized treasury is based and all payments are instructed via Warrants and executed by the AGD according to the budget. The AGD as well records and advises all revenue collections from the Principal Receivers of Revenue (Revenues) to the Financial Secretary.

We also interface with the Debt and Cash Management, the Financial Systems and the Pensions branches of the Ministry.

We receive general strategic directions from the Ministry.

Commercial Banks

We continue partnering with commercial banks to the extent that the Consolidated Fund will still remain with the commercial banks. The commercial banks also provide and maintain a stable interface for its clients (our suppliers) for the RTGS and the ACH

eGov Jamaica Limited (formerly Fiscal Services Limited)

eGov Jamaica Limited is our Application Services Providers (ASP) for online services, Internet and email services and post implementation support. They also provide firewalls and backup services and monitor and maintain the cashiering systems of the Principal Receivers of Revenues.

The Bank of Jamaica

The Bank of Jamaica is the custodian of the Treasury Single Account TSA, into which Government funds (which were hitherto deposited into scores of bank accounts across the country), will be deposited under the centralized treasury.

Our on-going partnership with the Bank of Jamaica has therefore been re-strengthened. All treasury payments, being electronic in nature are facilitated through interfaces with the Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) and the Automated Clearing House (ACH) at the Bank of Jamaica.

The Jamaica Government Pensioners’ Association

We share and disseminate information on the more than 33,000 pensioners with the Jamaica Government Pensioners’ Association. Some GOJ pensioners are members of this Association.

The Registrar General’s Department

We partner with the Registrar General’s Department for sharing information on the age and life status of our Government of Jamaica Pensioners.

Suppliers for Goods and Services

With the advent of the centralized treasury, all payments to suppliers will be executed by the Treasury.  The Treasury has therefore got to be supplied with each supplier’s tax registration Number and banking information and make adjustments in recognizing the treasury as a new payer.