This policy seeks to honor the negotiated agreement between the Government of Jamaica and trade Unions representing workers within in the Public Service. It makes provision for a Motor Vehicle Loan facility to assist Travelling Officers in purchasing motor vehicles for use in the performance of their official duties.

Applications are made to the Loans Unit at the Ministry of Finance and Public Service (MoFPS) through the Human Resource Management or Personnel Department in ones respective Ministry of Department. Once approved, instructions are sent to the Accountant General and disbursements are made subject to funds availability and the following guidelines.


The loan is available for permanent employees who are classified as travelling officers by the MoFPS, whose substantive posts attract a travelling allowance. Officers on fixed term contacts are not eligible for the motor vehicle loan governed by this policy.

The Travelling Officer must be permanently appointed within Central Government and has successfully served the requisite probationary period.

A Travelling Officer who will be embarking on Pre-retirement leave must apply for the loan at least one (1) year prior to the official date of retirement.


The Guidelines for a motor vehicle loan are:

  • Certificate of Fitness
  • Certificate of Registration
  • C87 Import Entry Form or
  • Vendor’s invoice (bearing GCT number)
  • Cover note/ Insurance Certificate
  • Driver’s license/TRN
  • Proof of address for applicant and surety e.g. (electricity  or water bill)
  • Two sureties who should be appointed in the Service for at least ten years
  • Picture identification for sureties ( passport, driver’s license, national ID)
  • Receipt of deposit made to the dealer (where applicable)
  • Title and Discharge of Lien (where applicable)
  • Banking information (where necessary)

Additionally, motor vehicles being acquired must not be more than five years old. The surety forms must be accompanied by surety’s appointment letter and a certified picture identification of each surety. The surety forms must be completed in triplicate.

Repayment period for motor vehicle loans.

Loans granted to acquire new vehicles are repayable over 108 months while those for used vehicles are repayable over 84 months.

Interest payable on Motor vehicle loans.

All motor vehicle loans are interest free; however the loan attracts 8% per annum interest under the following condition:

When the officer leaves Central Government (resignation/dismissal) the loan starts attracting interest at the date of separation.

Maximum lent for motor vehicle loans.

A maximum of J$1,100,000 will be lent for the acquisition of new vehicles while a maximum of $800,000.00 will be lent for the acquisition of used vehicles.

Required Documents